Friday, January 12, 2007

Scenic Drive

I decided, as I'd handed in an assignment I'd been struggling with, I would go for a drive to unwind. I ended up driving to Llangollen, I took a few pics on the way with my phone.

How could I resist a place called 'World's End'?

The road got a bit narrow

They even ran out of bridges

View down the stream

My new chariot, not so clean now...

Monday, January 01, 2007


I made a short video at my grandparents, using the built in iSight on my new laptop. It took one frame per second, then plays it back at 25. My sister was doing a cross stitch.

Shows how much I fidget.


We saw in 2007 on Beachy Head, it was slightly breezy, as the pictures might show.
I had hoped to be able to see all of Eastbourne's fireworks, but we couldn't.

We sheltered in a lookout post, celebrated at approx midnight with fizzy grape juice and cold pizza, then retreated for a picnic in the car. Our empty cars initially caused some concern for a man in a coastguard truck who kept shining his spotlight on the cliff edge. But he realised we weren't there to jump, so went on his way.

Happy New Year to all